The Yogic Spectrum

Namaste. The light in me honors the light in the you. Yoga, of course; but let’s back track. How does on even begin to get there?

In our personal journeys we find we have had to unblock, discard and discover. More or less, clearing blockages, getting me out of the way so my essence can shine through and honor yours. This, as I have come to know more recently, is called the”citta”, or heart-mind, in Sanskrit (the language of Yoga).

It is known that the physical Yoga practice, or asanas, is a great way of clearing blockages but what about the mantras that we chant at the beginning and end of some classes?

Mantras, or repeated words to aid in meditation, are another great way to clear blockages in the soul. Yoga therapy uses mantras as a way of releasing emotional tension. With intention, mantras are directed at the desired blockage and the “citta” can flourish with freedom.

Freedom is obviously the ultimate goal for us all. Unblock, discover and discard. The inevitable collective awaits. Find your truth.


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